Toddler Program
SCPENS is the only parent education co-op in Santa Cruz that offers a toddler program. From as early as one year of age, your child will benefit from exploring our inviting classroom that’s rich with opportunities for play and discovery. Parents enjoy the chance to network with other adults, sharing the delights and challenges of parenting. Our instructor, Wendy Wyckoff, brings 30 years of teaching young children and parents supporting the development of a harmonious and fulfilling family life. Children and adults are drawn to her warm, friendly personality and spirit of fun.

Preschool Program
Our preschool classes are acclaimed as among the best in Santa Cruz County. Hands-on learning engages children in developing their whole being, to become capable and enthusiastic learners. The curriculum for children includes art, music, dramatic play, emergent literacy, science, math, social development and large & fine motor activities.

Our positive discipline philosophy teaches respectful and effective ways of promoting cooperation. The conflict resolution skills that children learn will help them in their relationships with other people in and out of school for the rest of their lives.

Teacher Maggie Klepp brings her inventor’s passion, creativity and sense of fun to her teaching. Her calm demeanor, warmth and understanding of children’s developmental stages make her a valuable mentor to both parents and children.


We offer toddler classes and preschool classes five days a week.

Program Age (by October) Days Time
Morning Classes
Toddler 12-36 months M W 8:30am-11:00am
Toddler 12-36 months T Th 8:30am-11:00am
Preschool 2.5-5 years M W F  8:30am-11:00am
Preschool 2.5-5 years T Th 8:30am-11:00am
2-3.5 years F 8:30am-11:00am

Toddler Classes
Our two toddler classes are taught by Wendy Wyckoff and have spots for 13 children in each. Six to seven parents are scheduled to work in the classroom each day, making the adult-child ratio 1:2. Parents are welcome in the classroom and can stay as long as they feel their children need them nearby. The program emphasizes social and emotional development, exploration of the environment through the senses, and introduction to art and music activities. To qualify for enrollment, your child must be 12 to 36 months old. Toilet training is not required.

Preschool Classes
Our preschool classes are taught by Maggie Klepp. There are two morning classes with spots for 13 children in each. Four parents are scheduled to work in the class each day making the adult-child ratio 1:3. Preschoolers and their parents participate in our developmental program emphasizing children's expression, ideas, creativity and social growth. The teacher provides training in supportive parenting techniques via seminars, observation, and discussion. Positive guidance and problem-solving strategies are emphasized. To qualify for enrollment, your preschooler must be 2.5 to 5 years old. Toilet training is helpful but not required.

Friday morning option:  There is one combined toddler and preschool class for children ages 2 to 3.5 on Friday. It meets in the Toddler Classroom with Teacher Wendy. Preschoolers must be enrolled in a two-day class and be between 2.5 and 3.5 by October to enroll.

SCPENS is a great preschool that allows you to be part of your child’s preschool experience. The focus on learning through play and the low child-to-teacher ratio gives parents a sense of comfort knowing their child is well cared for.
– Angie P.
The program is very fulfilling and rich. There are new activities and ideas every day.
- Fari S.
We feel so lucky to get to play, learn and grow with you every week!
- Jolene K.
I’m learning lots of stuff!
- Haley (age 4)

A Typical Day

Free Choice Activities
Children don’t want to miss a minute of the fun in store for them at SCPENS. We start our day with open play where children get to decide what interests them most. Shelves are full of toys to fuel the imagination. Teachers set out special art projects and activities in the learning centers each day. Children are inherently drawn to what they need to learn.

scpens photo

Circle Time
Circle Time in preschool brings everyone together for songs, stories, finger rhymes, movement, puppetry and creative dramatics. Children learn how to participate in a group - developing listening skills and self-expression.

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Snack Time
Parents take turns bringing nutritious snacks to give children a healthy boost for the rest of their school day.

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Outside Play
We take our big energy out to our big playground where children can ride trikes, play in the sandbox, hunt for bugs in the garden, climb, slide, and pretend-play. Each classroom has its own private yard as well, where children can enjoy outdoor play at any time.

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Goodbye Circle
It’s always hard to say goodbye when you’re having fun. The Goodbye Circle at the end of the day helps children relax and get ready to go home. It offers parents an opportunity to reunite with their children at the end of their special day while enjoying a wonderful array of children’s music and literature.

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Parent Seminar
Parent workers stay after to do a quick clean-up of the room and then meet with their teacher. In Toddler Classes, children play near their parents during seminar. In the Preschool classes, children enjoy special small-group play during Child Watch, which is supervised by a parent volunteer. The teacher meets with parents to discuss teachable moments from the day or challenges that parents are facing. She also presents topics and information to expand parents’ understanding of early childhood development and positive parenting.

School is a time for fun, learning and friendships!