February 2015
Dear Parents,

We are gathering data that will provide important information about the effectiveness and lasting influences of the Parent Education Nursery School (PENS) programs in Santa Cruz County. These include Soquel PENS (formerly Soquel Co-op) open for 65 years, Westside PENS open for 45 years, and Santa Cruz PENS (formerly Santa Cruz Gardens Parent Co-op) open for 40 years.

We have been operating for the past five years without any State funding and the information from this survey will assist us as we plan for a sustainable future. With your help, we will gain access to funding sources and build connections with other community organizations and individuals who are supporting a healthy family life in Santa Cruz.

We hope that you enjoy remembering that special time when you and your children were a part of a close community of families as they embarked on their school experience.

Start your survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PENS_survey

Please answer carefully and add comments as you wish. If you had more than one child attend a PENS program, please complete questions #1 - 12 for each child. The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. 

Your participation is greatly appreciated. We encourage you to contact any others you know who have also attended a PENS program as our alumni lists may be incomplete and we know that some families have relocated since their preschool days.

With much gratitude and a lifetime of memories, 

Teachers and Board members of
       Santa Cruz Parent Education Nursery School
       Soquel Parent Education Nursery School
       Westside Parent Education Nursery School


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A Community Treasure Since 1975

Santa Cruz Parent Education Nursery School (SCPENS), is a parent participation preschool which includes the only parent-participation toddler program in Santa Cruz County.

Our non-profit parent cooperative has been an integral part of Santa Cruz since 1975, offering quality education to both child and parent. We are part of 3PENS (three Parent Education Nursery Schools) affiliated with Santa Cruz Adult School of the Santa Cruz City School District. Our sister schools are Westside PENS and the Soquel PENS.

We have had three children who have been through the co-op, a total of eight years. I can’t imagine a stronger, better foundation for our children and we parents as we grow and change well into the future.
- Mitzi M.
SCPENS has been a wonderful addition to our lives. Our kids love it. So do we!
- Megan B.
I wish more families knew that SCPENS was such a fabulous place for both preschoolers and parents to learn and grow into incredible members of the community.
- Mary H.
I like school so much! It’s so much fun. I get to make things and I get to play.
- Ladreal (age 5)

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